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CJU's Discovery Lab offers express trainings on affiliate tactics, strategies, and all the latest CJ products and tools.

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Ideal for Advertiser, Agency and Publisher attendees

Building Strong Affiliate Relationships

Come learn from a 15-year affiliate veteran who has seen it all! In this training, George Yuhba will share the top tactics for securing and building affiliate relationships with potential to drive solid, ongoing revenue. George will show advertisers and publishers how to use the tools you have at hand to find the right partners….and how to make it easier for them to find you.

Ideal for Advertiser and Agency attendees

Recruiting & Working with Influencers

If you’re new to working with influencers or want to sharpen your know-how on what works best, come learn how to establish and foster successful influencer relationships from a CJ content expert.

Ideal for Advertiser and Agency attendees

How to Get Buy-In for Big Affiliate Projects

Learn three critical steps to getting your largest affiliate initiatives adopted. This training will share tips on how to set affiliate up for success and towards greater, long-term investment.

Ideal for Publisher attendees

Publisher Training: Identifying New, High-Yield Advertisers

Your next, best advertiser relationship is waiting to be discovered and this training will show you how to find them. Come learn the steps to take to identify new advertisers that could be a good fit for your site and learn the top niche advertisers that CJ’s Publisher Development team think every publisher should be considering.

Ideal for Advertiser, Agency and Publisher attendees

3 Ways to Take Action with Cross-Device Insights

Cross-device tracking has created new opportunities for advertisers and publishers to grow their affiliate sales. This training will show how to create new strategies for your affiliate program based on cross-device trends and share the three tactics both advertisers and publishers can use to attract higher-value cross-device orders.

Ideal for Advertiser and Agency attendees

Solutions for Future-Proofing Affiliate Tracking

Come learn how CJ’s Cookie-less Tracking solution allows for seamless tracking when a CJ tracking cookie is not present. CJ has developed technology that will mitigate tracking loss due to evolving privacy and browser updates. In this training, Marissa will share the solution we’ve developed, and how to implement it.

Ideal for Advertiser and Agency attendees

Market Intelligence: Understanding the Affiliate Opportunity in Brazil

As the largest consumer market in LATAM, Brazil presents a great opportunity for US retailers to expand and attract Brazilian shoppers. This training will cover what Brazilian shoppers are buying and how US retailers are already finding success in the Brazilian market by working with Afilio, CJ’s exclusive affiliate partner in Brazil.

Ideal for Advertiser and Agency attendees

Market Intelligence: Expanding into Japan

The Japanese market is now accessible to CJ advertisers through an exclusive partnership with one of Japan’s largest affiliate platforms, Interspace. Come meet the people behind Interspace and learn how US advertisers can gain access to Japanese shoppers and learn what Japanese shoppers are seeking from US brands.

Ideal for Advertiser and Agency attendees

South Korea's Cross-Border Shoppers

South Korea is the No. 2 cross-border shopping market in the affiliate channel. Come learn what is fueling the growth in South Korean purchases of foreign goods, and how retailers can utilize freight-forwarding services to connect with Korean shoppers.

Ideal for Advertiser and Agency attendees

Quick Tips for Testing Link Tracking

Did you know there is an easy way for advertisers to quickly test tags and make sure sales are tracking? In this step-by-step training advertisers will learn how to use the new tag testing tool to trouble-shoot and diagnose issues.

Ideal for Advertiser and Agency attendees

Connecting with China's Mobile Shoppers

Mobile commerce dominates the ecommerce experience in China and understanding its nuances is important to succeed in the Chinese market. In this training led by publisher BorderX, you’ll learn the dominate buying and payment preferences in China, plus gain a better understanding of how Chinese shoppers leverage content to shape their buying decisions.

Ideal for Advertiser and Agency attendees

Attracting Canadian Loyalty Shoppers to Your Site

The US and Canadian markets have more in common than a border! Loyalty programs figure large in Canadians' lives too, and this training will explain why they are so popular in Canada and how retailers can harness them for growth by reaching new shoppers who engage in cross-border shopping.

Ideal for Advertiser, Agency and Publisher attendees

Creating Personalized Affiliate Shopping Experiences

CJ’s newest technology, Affiliate Personalization, is designed to deliver more relevant experiences, drive new customers, and increase customer loyalty. Learn how from the Product Manager who oversaw its development.

This training will cover:

  • The business problems Affiliate Personalization solves for today
  • How the technology works in practice
  • Steps to take to enable this technology in your program

Don’t miss this chance to learn more about the opportunity at hand with Affiliate Personalization.

Ideal for Advertiser, Agency and Publisher attendees

Privacy Laws & Affiliate

It has been a big year in the data protection world, with the headline-grabbing General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and the more quietly introduced California Consumer Privacy Act. There’s a lot at stake for marketers. Come learn what these privacy laws mean for your affiliate business. In this training, you’ll learn what the laws require of digital marketers, and more about the technologies that CJ has designed to help advertiser and publishers meet the demands of the new laws.

Ideal for Advertiser and Agency attendees

The Power of the Chinese Millennial

Millennial shoppers in China are harnessing technology to make their shopping more social, shareable and viral. Come hear the Chinese-market expert, Dealmoon, share which shopping fads are driving purchasing in China, and how they can be harnessed for growth.