Keynote Speakers

Enjoy thought provoking commentary from our keynote speakers about the importance of "Transformation through Innovation" and how this CJU16 theme should be your everyday theme.

Waleed Al-Atraqchi

President, CJ Affiliate

As President of CJ Affiliate since 2015, Waleed oversees operations for U.S. and International efforts, with a focus on continued innovation and success.

Previously, Waleed led rapid growth and profitability in executive leadership positions at global marketing technology companies such as Affinnova, Imagitas, and Catalina Marketing.

In the President's Keynote, Waleed will reflect on his first year leading CJ Affiliate, address major industry trends, and discuss how CJ's refocus on innovation will positively impact affiliate marketing globally. He will highlight the transformation of the industry and where we are headed.

John Jacobs

Co-founder & Chief Creative Optimist, Life is Good

CJ Affiliate is thrilled to welcome co-founder and CCO (Chief Creative Optimist) of the successful lifestyle brand Life is Good, John Jacobs, to CJU16!

Operating out of a van, John launched Life is Good with his brother Bert and a combined $78 in their pockets. Using inspiration, optimism, and innovation, the brothers grew Life is Good to a $100 million lifestyle brand sold by more than 2,000 retailers.

As the CJU16 Guest Keynote speaker, John will show you how the power of optimism transformed his business and his lifeā€”and how you too can live life with purpose and enjoy the ride.