Networking at CJU

You can’t turn the corner at CJU without some type of networking event at your disposal. These are great ways to start a conversation with new contacts and the place to continue your one-on-one meetings. After you register for CJU, make sure to join the CJUniverse and take advantage of your networking opportunities. If you need a list of companies registered to attend CJU, please send an email to with your CID to request a copy.

Join CJ Universe



CJUniverseNetworking at CJU 2011 Expo

Social media has changed the way in which we interact with each other, and CJU is no different. Our online social community, CJUniverse, is a powerful tool for achieving your CJU objectives. Within the CJUniverse, you can set up a profile, find attendees with similar interests, arrange meetings and schedule your entire CJU agenda, before you even step foot at the Fess Parker DoubleTree Resort. Imagine how successful you’ll be at CJU when you’ve already had months to prep! Don’t forget to join the community here once you’ve registered.


Back by popular demand, the Zone will provide a central location for meetings throughout CJU. With over 900 attendees, it can be challenging to locate that person you have never met before or find a quick place to huddle with a long-time partner. Check in at the Zone, grab a table, meet your contacts and facilitate an efficient and effective meeting.


There is no better place to put the Network Effect into action than at the opening day Expo. To kick-off CJU, the Expo provides a “meet and greet” platform for advertisers, publishers, and agencies to get together and set the vibe for an awesome few days of networking.

Welcome Party

The Welcome Party will be the perfect event to get the CJU blood flowing with drinks, food, entertainment, and of course, networking!

Cocktail Hour & ½

Wednesday evening's Cocktail Hour & ½ will jump start your evening of fun and networking celebrations as we enjoy signature cocktails and catch up with fellow marketers

CJYou Awards Dinner

Join us at the CJYou Awards Dinner, where we recognize advertisers, publishers and agencies chosen for their outstanding network performances. Be sure to stick around for the After Party – we can’t wait to see everyone’s killer dance moves again this year!