How to Navigate Your First CJU

Sept 12 | 11:00 AM | San Rafael Ballroom

First-time attendees to the industry’s best networking event don’t have to go it alone! We’ve gathered up the essential facts you’ll want to know about CJU18 events, the insider’s guide to the venue, and our best tips for making your CJU a networking success.

Jill Stein Event Manager, CJ Affiliate

Driving Domestic Growth Across Borders

Sept 12 | 1:30 PM | Santa Ynez Ballroom

Tapping the surge in cross-border shopping is an easy way for brands to grow sales without heavy investment. Attend this session presented by CJ’s Director of Global Initiatives to learn what brands can do to convert their existing international traffic and how to further grow an international shopper audience for a domestic site. Plan to attend the Global Expo directly following this session to network with partners who are fueling growth in international markets

Amalia Asan Director of Global Initiatives, CJ Affiliate

Customer-Centric Affiliate Programs, Powered by CJ

Sept 13 | 9:00 AM | San Rafael Ballroom
Sept 14 | 10:00 AM | San Rafael Ballroom

Our industry is not so quietly being taken over by a new way of thinking about success—focusing on customer value instead of transactions. Learn about CJ’s latest solutions and how they are designed to bring real-time consumer intelligence to our clients and support the shift of affiliate performance measurement towards individual, high-value customers.

Angela Ballard Product Manager, CJ Affiliate
Jenny Gibson Sr. Product Manager, CJ Affiliate
Expert’s Panel

Harnessing Personalization in Affiliate

Sept 13 | 11:15 AM | San Rafael Ballroom

One-to-one marketing to individuals at scale is considered the “holy grail” for every marketing channel—and affiliate is no different. Watch our panelists discuss concrete strategies to pursue a transparent and inclusive approach to connecting individual consumers with tailored experiences that lead to higher conversions, increased average order values, and overall better outcomes.

Simon Bird Co-Founder, RevLifter
Howard Chiao Director of Product,
Matthew Smith Head of Ecommerce, Future Publishing
Moderator: Aruna Bhagtani Director of Product, CJ Affiliate

How to Creatively Use Data to Beat Your Competition

Sept 13 | 1:00 PM | San Rafael Ballroom

Come hear behind-the-scenes strategies from two trailblazing teams taking an innovative, data-driven approach to achieve growth and program diversity.

  • Dish Network transformed their affiliate program with program-changing data practices and call tracking. Find out how they did it, the results, and the decisions they made along the way.
  • Hear how NMPi was able to tap micro-moments amongst sports enthusiasts to grow sales for sports gear retailer, Fanatics. This case study will highlight how NMPi’s sophisticated, new-gen search tactics have transformed the paid search programs of their clients.
Carly French Affiliate Specialist, Dish Network
Andrew Turner Commercial Director, NMPi
Host: Ben Kopetti VP, Corp Development, CJ Affiliate
Expert’s Panel

Building & Measuring High-Performance Influencer Campaigns

Sept 13 | 2:00 PM | San Rafael Ballroom

Capturing an accurate view of an influencer’s impact remains a challenge. Through unconventional and innovative solutions, our panelists will share:

  • How they’ve found ways to do more than just measure sales and impressions
  • The impact collaboration has on building a successful campaign
  • Why they continue to invest with influencers
Heiko Eckert Director of Online Marketing, Stylebop
Moderator: Sarah Crosby Sr. Director, Publisher Development, CJ Affiliate